Faithful Friends

Mark 2 In chapter 1 Jesus leaves Galilee and begins his preaching career with his new disciples who have obeyed and followed Him. When Jesus calls, we must surrender and follow. They had moved from town to town quickly and after some time, they returned to Capernaum where Jesus had healed Peter’s mother in law and He had spent the night in prayer. Even though there were no town criers or newspapers or text messages, the people became aware that this man, Jesus, had returned. Many had heard, perhaps, of how he had healed and taught and so they came wondering if he would do the same here. Amongst this crowd four precious friends brought a paralyzed friend in hopes of his healing. 

The friends were persistent and left no stone unturned for when they could not enter the house, they went up on the rooftop and removed the covering to lower him to see Jesus. Unlike the religious leaders sitting listening, these friends came for the healing touch of Jesus and were not disappointed. Did they realize that Jesus would point out their sins? Probably not. They came for physical healing but went away with both physical and spiritual healing. Jesus sees the heart as well as the physical need. 

Where do you have a need that only Jesus can supply? Will you be as persistent as these four friends to bring someone to Jesus? 

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