Morning Time

Jesus has risen from the dead

Mark 1 Early Morning

I love being up early and sitting with a cup of coffee. It is here, in my chair it is just the Lord and I.  Jesus has set the example for me and you too. 

Listen to Mark as he writes what a day in the lift of Jesus was like. After a whirlwind week of healing, driving out demons and calling his first four disciples, he was weary. He slept and then awoke early in the morning while it was still dark.  He left Peter’s house and went into the quiet of the wilderness to pray. What do you do early in the morning while it is still dark? 

As the sun rose Peter and the others went looking for Jesus and found him in the mode of prayer. What do others find us doing? Today is Easter and we praise God for the risen Savior. Jesus woke early to spend time in prayer and He sets the example for us. Does God find us rejoicing in prayer for the risen Savior?

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