Read, Rehearse, Remember

Malachi 1-4 The Three “R’s”Today if you speak to people about church attendance and Bible reading, they often turn up their noses and say, like the Israelites of old, it is useless, and besides that, there are hypocrites in the church. [Mal 3:14] They have a warped view and, like Asaph in Ps 73, see […]

Jesus our Redeemer

Isaiah  52-54 Redeemer! Isaiah  echoes the voice of Job: As for me, “I know that my Redeemer lives andthat as the last he will stand upon the earth].” [Job 19:25] Over andover, Isaiah reminds the children of God that they are redeemed. “Youshall be redeemed without money.” [Is 52:3 NJJV] “He has redeemedJerusalem.” [Is 52:9 […]

Why do we recall what God has forgiven?

Isaiah 43-45 Defeat Satan—Recall God Promises One of the enemy’s tactics is to recall to our mind our past sins to distract us. It is one of his “deadly d’s,” and he is proficient in this regard. Perhaps the Jerusalemites were in this state of mind, so Isaiah comes to them to say: “Don’t remember […]

The Two Paths of Life

Proverbs 1-3 God’s path leads to wisdom if we fear/revere Him. Therefore, the foundational principle is that if we want to be wise, it must start not just with our head but our heart’s knowledge of who He is. He is holy, He is in heaven, and as the author of Eccl so succinctly says: […]

What does your faith meter register?

Judges 13-15 Do you trust God to answer your prayers? If God were to measure it on a meter stick, what would it say? In these chapters, we meet a couple who are childless. We wonder if they had prayed for a child for a short time or a long time. Time matters nothing in […]

“Wonder No More.”

Mark 16 In the early hours of the first day of the week, the women who had stood at the cross came to the tomb. They “wondered” then and are still “wondering.”  As they walk to the tomb where they had seen their Master lain, they “wonder” again; who will roll the stone away. When […]