Preparing for Eternity

Are you ready?

Luke 13: “Repent…”
Jesus is asking if we are prepared for eternity. Without the work of the Holy Spirit to bring us to repentance of the heart, we are the most desperate people.

In Jesus’ journey around Israel, people asked him about repentance and his message of grace and mercy. The recent calamities of that time revealed how quickly life can be terminated. Even today, when faced with such circumstances, we often wonder, as they did, if it was caused by sin.

Jesus took that opportunity to say that time is short and one must repent and accept God’s gracious gift of salvation. He wanted them to prepare now for the future. because, as Jeremiah reminds us: “The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked.” [Jer 17:9] Only by repenting what we know as sin are we ready to enter heaven and be with Jesus. Please don’t get caught like the synagogue leader who thought another day would be better. Today is the day of salvation. To delay is to test God and His patience. Many woke today thinking of what they had to do and where they had to go but did not consider eternity. They kept saying tomorrow, tomorrow, but God said today.
We are all sinners in need of repentance. Today is the day of salvation; do not delay.

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