Preparing for Eternity

Luke 13: “Repent…”Jesus is asking if we are prepared for eternity. Without the work of the Holy Spirit to bring us to repentance of the heart, we are the most desperate people. In Jesus’ journey around Israel, people asked him about repentance and his message of grace and mercy. The recent calamities of that time […]

Are you preparing for eternity?

Luke 6 How do you see and experience true wisdom and a life that produces rewards? Remember, what you have now is temporal, and if you have nothing but obedience, then that will be rewarded not here but in the afterlife. Jesus wanted the religious leaders to look around them. Did they see those who […]

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Matt 24 and 25 This is an old saying that says we can economize in small matters but miss the opportunity to save or gain in large matters. So what does that saying have to do with these two chapters? Jesus is telling the disciples to be wise one must be discerning where they spend […]

Impulsiveness vs. God’s Ways

Esther 1-5 One thing we learn from this story is how God can and will use even the impulsiveness of a king to bring about His plan to preserve His people. King Ahasuerus, as we have seen in chapter one, is an impulsive king. He makes snap judgments without thinking of the long-term consequences. He […]

Are you prepared?

Ezra 1-3 One of the promises God gave his errant children is that after 70 yrs. they could return to Israel. Ezra believed that promise and prepared himself to not only go there but also to guide the people in this large company. Imagine being in this company of many, many people with large gifts […]

Off with the Old, On with the New

Numbers 6 Last night a precious friend shed his earthly garments for the garments of the righteous in heaven. He now stands clothed in the garments that had been prepared for him in eternity past because “no one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; otherwise, the patch pulls away from it, the new from […]

Are you prepared for eternity?

Job 14-16 Job listened and wisely reminded his friends that no one can know their appointed time of passing from this life to the next. No one knows the hour or the day of their departure to heaven or hell, but they can know their destiny. Job rightly knows that even if he dies, he […]