God’s Blessings

Ps 73 Questions and Answers Do you see a disparity as you look at the people around you? Does it seem like those who live unrighteous lives prosper while those who live righteously struggle? The author Asaph sees this, and we do as well. Why does God allow those who are despicable and unrighteous to […]

Torments or Paradise

Ps 52-54; Luke 16: 19-31 Two Men, Two Decisions In Genesis, we see God creating, and he pronounces it all good, but in these three psalms, God looks upon His creation and pronounces: none doeth good, no not one. How tragic for our Almighty God to say these words. God sees and hears their words: […]

Prayer is God’s Technology!

Esther 8 to 10 Prayer Unleashes God’s Power Today we are one click away from knowing what is happening around the globe. Global governments and people seek to be in control of all legislation and people’s decisions. But in Esther’s time, Persia was a “nation” that stretched from India to Ethiopia where only horse riders […]

The Prayer Essentials

1Kings 8-10 Solomon’s PrayerGod has blessed us with many prayers of HIs people just like Solomon’s. Each has the outline of adoration, confession, and supplication, and we would do well to include those in our prayers. Just as Daniel included himself, so did Solomon, as he prayed that God would “hear in heaven.”You are the […]

The Last…

Deut. 32-34 “Last…” There are five sets of “lasts” in these chapters. Moses’ “last” song to Israel to remind them of God’s choosing them and blessing them. There are the “last” words of blessing on each tribe lest they forget that God had chosen them and placed upon them His task of leading the nation. […]

John the Baptist…

Mark 1; Luke 3; Matthew 3 The Traits of a True Servant of God The prophets Isaiah and Malachi prophesied that God would open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing to his people in due season. John the Baptist was that blessing that came in the form of the true servant, humble […]