Are you preparing for eternity?

Luke 6 How do you see and experience true wisdom and a life that produces rewards? Remember, what you have now is temporal, and if you have nothing but obedience, then that will be rewarded not here but in the afterlife. Jesus wanted the religious leaders to look around them. Did they see those who were poor, hungry, weeping, and hated by the establishment?  Jesus was the same; He left his heavenly home to live a life just as you. He had no place to lay his head, was hungry, and wept because of the inequities of this earthly life. Jesus was challenging the religious leaders to look and see and then do. He wanted them and us to love and trust Him, but they were more concerned about rules and traditions than obedience. He left them with this illustration.

Two men wanted to build a house. One chose the rocky high ground, and the task was tedious and lengthy. The other wanted his house done quickly, so he decided on the ground that was not firm. God sent storms into their lives to test them, but the one who had gathered promptly lost it when the storm of life came. The one who diligently worked at this task to build a sure foundation weathered that storm, and his house stood firm. 

Each should decide not to live life for the here and now but for the future. Each of the houses, land, and words of others will all pass into eternity, but the lasting things is obedience to His word. 

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