What does your heart reveal?

Luke 7: Do you have a heart of compassion for the most needy among our society or do you wonder and think that there is no hope for them. Listen to the story Jesus has recorded for us about two individuals; one is a noted sinner and the other is one who feels or thinks he is the righteous one. The most “righteous” one says to himself, doesn’t he realize what kind of woman this is that has come uninvited to my home? How often do we too make judgments and we presume without the compassion of God? That was Simon, the Pharisee.

The scene is this: Simon invited Jesus to dinner and while dinner was being served, a woman of the streets crept in uninvited and lay down at the feet of Jesus. Scandalous! Doesn’t Jesus realize who she is? While this happening, Jesus tenderly turns to her as she lay weeping, wiping his feet with her tears and pronounces her faith and her forgiveness. Jesus then turns to Simon and in compassion asks him about who should be more forgiven, the one who has sinned much or the one who has sinned little. 

Jesus placed this story here to remind us that we quickly presume and often judge without compassion. We wonder if Simon learned that lesson that evening. We never know when Jesus will open our eyes to our sin and our lack of compassion. Be alert! We are not forgiven because of our many works but because our heart is open to His love. 

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