The Sower and the Seeds

Luke 8: Dr. Luke takes us on a whirlwind tour of Israel and includes both men and women who brought blessings to our Lord. Some brought material blessings, and their names are written so we might see how God uses each person and their gifts for kingdom work. As he moves from one locale to another, He teaches the principles of what it means to be in and part of the kingdom. He sows the seed of the Word of God so that each one might understand the soil of their heart and choose to accept or reject the truth of His Word. 

Living in an agrarian society, people understood that although the sower had precious seeds, not all germinated. Just as the soil must be adequately prepared for germination, only the ready and prepared heart will accept what God requires.

Jesus has left us the Word of God, and we are now the sowers. Are we casting His Word to the lost? 

Photo courtesy of Redeeming God.

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