Seek and ye shall find…

Luke 9 Jesus called King Herod that old fox because he was known for his cruelty and at one point had John the Baptist beheaded. Now he hears news that some people were saying John had been raised from the dead. You wonder if his conscience began to bother him? God has a way of bringing things to our remembrance, so we might seek His answers for our questions. Herod, like many, are not moved by faith to go and seek the answers, but will remain perplexed. Herod is a picture of slothfulness; unwilling to step out and see for himself. How many people are just like that? They say they want to know but their behavior reveals only a surfaced desire. In reality they would rather someone else find the answer than do it for themselves. Herod would get an F in God’s grade book.

God has placed this story here to remind us that He alone has answers to our dilemmas but we are also responsible to seek them for ourselves and not leave that step to another.

Herod may be sitting in his courtroom wondering but in the meantime, the ministry of Jesus moves onward. The people’s questions were like Herod’s but instead of sitting and waiting, they welcomed Jesus and His teaching and there were about 5000 men. Jesus challenged the disciples to solve the problem of feeding such a large crowd. Again, Jesus is teaching us that He has the answers to all of life’s problems.

What problem are you facing and will you step up and search out the answers for yourself?

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