A Picture of Christ’s love!

Song of Solomon Ch 1-8 The author, supposedly King Solomon, shares intimate details about his life as king, husband, lover, and friend. It may be that he recorded this as one would record a day in their diary. Many scholars differ on the intents and purposes of this letter.   However, it is thus inspired by […]

God is not just love, He is a consuming fire…

Deut 4 God is… The world shouts out and questions: who is God? They respond that God is love, and He is—but Moses set the record straight when he reminded the Israelites that “The Lord your God is a consuming fire; he is a jealous God.” [Deut 4:24]  Moses reminded them that one of the […]

“Be My Disciple”

Luke 8:26-39 Dr. Luke uses his pen to share with us that a true disciple loves as God loves and shows compassion as He does. In Luke 8:26-39, the focus is on the principle that works must accompany a disciple’s faith. James shared this same principle: “faith without works is dead.” Dr. Luke shares the […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Matt 26-28 With his detailed observation skills, Matthew recalls the last week of the earthly life of our Lord. He now recalls his notes on two people, Judas and Mary. Judas was a taker with his embezzling self-seeking heart, whereas Mary was a giver of the most expensive gift of the oil poured out.    Judas […]