Banner of Love!

Song of Solomon Ch 1-8 His Banner over me is LOVE! The author, supposedly King Solomon, shares intimate details about his life as king, husband, lover, and friend. He may have recorded this as one would record a day in their diary. Many scholars differ on the intents and purposes of this letter. Whatever the […]

The Tenderness of Jesus

Mark 14-16 Peter is one of the strongest and perhaps the weakest disciple. He announces he will not fail Christ in the time of testing, but his words fall on fallow ground. Christ reminds him that he will not only fail but also fail miserably. We equate with Peter because we, too, when faced with […]

His Banner over me is LOVE

Song of Solomon 1- Just like we hang a banner outside to announce to passersby a home’s theme, God’s Banner, which reads “LOVE,” hangs over us to show that inside are those who belong to the Savior. How beautifully is the banner that reveals God’s untarnished and pure love for His own. Solomon, as the […]