Doing the Right Thing…

1Chron 18: The Heart of David and My Heart
David is the new king but still waging war near and far. If the Israelites had been wise, they would not have rejected God as their King. Imagine a world in which God is the King. He promised He would cleanse the land, but now it is laid at the feet of men. The tragedy is that many are affected, and so it continues today.

After the death of Saul and Jonathan, David wonders if there is any left of the house of Saul. Could it be that God has preserved even one? Do I look for others in my family who may be alive to honor? (Yes, I did, but when I found them was told never to call, write or come for a visit. Sadness overload with no reasons given) 🙁 “tears”

But, in David’s case, God has saved one individual: Mephishobeth, Jonathan’s son, who lives in Lo Debar with a man named Ziba. David seeks him out and promises him blessing upon blessing. Imagine being Mephishobeth 🙂 upon hearing that the king requests your presence and then hearing that your future is protected!!!!!

David is an example of one who chose to administer justice and kindness to those who have suffered needlessly because of the choice made by others.

Isn’t that what Jesus did for you and me? Do I/we do the same?

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