Are you like Jacob?

Are you a Jacob?

Genesis 32 Feigned Love

There is a little bit of Jacob in all of us. Think for example that you are invited to someone’s home or some fellowship outside but we are not honest about why we do not want to join others. We feign illness or busyness or you fill in the blank. That is where we find Jacob. He is scared to death to meet Esau and especially so when he hears that he is coming with 400 men. Clearly, Esau has made more friends than Jacob! He has an entire entourage and has made it known to them that he was being reconciled to his long-lost brother.  But Jacob only is fearful and not really looking forward to this reunion. How like Jacob we are!

When Jacob hears about the 400 men he is clearly thinking that this is the end of his life and his family’s life. Crowds are fearful and his memories are still there of his deception. In his heart, he knows he was wrong but he is still not willing to confess to Esau his wrongful behavior and so he fudges in his explanations.

Again, we see how the unrighteous often behave better than we as the righteous do. This is a wake-up call for all who call themselves believers. Are you willing to be righteous before others? 

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