What is your excuse?

God doesn't want excuses

Luke 5: Fishing takes patience, and sometimes you catch nothing, which was the case in this chapter. Peter and his companions had toiled all night but caught nothing. Jesus found them on the seashore, cleaning, repairing, and storing their nets for another day. How often is this precisely where He finds us and what we do when Jesus appears on the scene? He wants us to join Him in the work, but first, we must be willing to listen and obey just as Peter needed to do. Are you discouraged and use excuses why you can’t obey? Like Peter, we often say “but” before we follow. How patient is our Lord with our excuses. He waits and watches while we twiddle our thumbs and offer excuses why this or that cannot be accomplished. Then, He steps in to show us His power to overcome our excuses. The result is that He demonstrates His power and our excuses become as nothing. 

Where are you today in your thinking? Are you on the seashore mending your nets or out in the deep where Jesus can touch your heart for a new beginning? Will you now believe you can fish for men, not just fish? 

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