God is our Protector and Vindicator

Psalm 3-5 Throughout the OT, we read of the enemies of God who seek to undermine and destroy His people. It is the same today as we have recently seen the enemies of Israel being killed by Hamas. As David noted in this psalm, these enemies say, “God will not deliver him.” The men in Babylon said the same about Daniel and his three Hebrew friends. The enemy says that, but they fail to realize that God is “a shield that protects.” That is why we can rest and continue our daily activities just as Daniel did. [See Daniel 6] So what principle can believers cling to in times of crisis?

First, do not be afraid. Elisha told his servant that our side outnumbers them. Secondly, do as Elisha did; pray that God closes the eyes of the enemy and opens our eyes so we can see God’s army. [2 Kings 6:16-17] Thirdly, trust God and do not rely on your own understanding as Solomon wrote in Proverbs 3. Lastly realize that the Lord shows the godly special favor. [Ps 4:3] Even with all these steps, we still need to cry to God for His help and then wait expectantly. [Ps 5:3]

How good are you at waiting? What fear has presented itself to you this day? Will you take these steps so you can rest in Him?

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