Why do we recall what God has forgiven?

The clouds tell a story: you are forgiven

Isaiah 43-45 Defeat Satan—Recall God Promises

One of the enemy’s tactics is to recall to our mind our past sins to distract us. It is one of his “deadly d’s,” and he is proficient in this regard. Perhaps the Jerusalemites were in this state of mind, so Isaiah comes to them to say: “Don’t remember these earlier events; don’t recall these former events.” [Is 43:18] and “your sins I do not remember.” [Is 43:25] and “I remove the guilt of your rebellious deeds as if they were a cloud,” [Is 44:22] What a perfect visual image! As the clouds move across the sky remember this promise: “As far as the eastern horizon is from the west, he removes the guilt of our rebellious actions from us.” [Ps 103:12]

Satan’s ploy is this; he doesn’t want you to recall these promises but wants you to set your mind on your past sins. Don’t let him get a foot in the door of your heart. Instead, do as Jesus did: “Get thee behind me Satan.”

Concentrate on the promises of God! He forgives and does not remember our past, so why do we?

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