Consider your way or Pay attention.

Haggai 1-2 God had sent the Israelites into captivity for their sin, but graciously God raised up Cyrus the Persian to release them and not just release them but provided them with all they would need to rebuild the Temple. He also asked them to pray for him as he leads. [Ezra 6:10] Jesus said […]

“True Trust & True Wisdom.”

Job 10 to 13  Job says I know I am not wicked! But, I do know, my words are full of bitterness.  The “know-it-all” Zophar is not so sure about Job’s assessment. First, he denigrates Job by saying; if you are so wise, you must know that behind this circumstance, and your bitter words that […]


Isaiah 36-37 In the 30’s Al Capone ruled Chicago. He taunted those who did not want to pay him for protection and if they didn’t, he took note and sent his thugs to “take care of the problem.” Sennacherib was the Capone Hezekiah faced.  His thugs were Rabshakeh and his contingent. They mocked God and […]

Eternal Destiny

Do you find it hard to talk about death? Why is it that we avoid that topic–especially if we are believers? Is it fear? Is the lack of trust? It wasn’t that way for Job or Peter or Paul or Jesus. Job is a man who continues to remain strong in the midst of his […]

Lessons from Jabez

Are you a complainer? Do you want “stuff” but don’t have it? Perhaps this lesson from Jabez might teach us all a practical lesson in trust, belief, and faith. 1Chronicles 4 “Lessons from Jabez” “you don’t have because you don’t ask; you ask and don’t receive because you ask wrongly” [James 4] but Jabez did […]

Choosing to Trust and Obey God

Genesis 12 to 15 “I am not quite sure, but I’m going to Trust and Obey.” These words were spoken by a young man in an evangelistic meeting and later set to music as a hymn by John Sammis. One line reflects our lives and the life of Abraham. “When we do his good will, He […]

Curiosity and a a Prophet

Exodus 3-6 “Curiosity and a Prophet” There is an old saying “curiosity killed the cat” but, in these chapters, we have before us that it was “curiosity that called a prophet.” It was curiosity that caused a daughter of Pharaoh to draw Moses out of the water and it was curiosity that called to Moses […]

How Much Do I Trust God?

Now as Jesus is in the temple the rich in their long flowing robes and outward but false piety come to him to test him about money. But, Jesus knows their hearts and to their amazement he not only answers their devious question but challenges them to look within their hearts. They leave amazed at […]