“True Trust & True Wisdom.”

If you think you are wise, check your words

Job 10 to 13  Job says I know I am not wicked! But, I do know, my words are full of bitterness.  The “know-it-all” Zophar is not so sure about Job’s assessment. First, he denigrates Job by saying; if you are so wise, you must know that behind this circumstance, and your bitter words that God would intervene if you were innocent! You must be in sin! Zophar counsels Job to relinquish his pride and seek God’s face for forgiveness. Stopping right there, we gasp 🙁 at Zophar’s presumption, but how often do we respond just like Zophar, claiming that God has forgiven only some of another’s sins?

But, Job is assured that this has not happened because of his sin; and Zophar is merely mocking Job. Job knows deep down inside, he is innocent in God’s eyes! He notes that God is orchestrating it for His purposes alone even if he doesn’t understand it! Quoting the same principle from the NT; “all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” [Romans 8:28] Job reiterates in strong language that he will continue to trust God no matter what comes his way. That is true trust and true wisdom. What God determines will come to pass. One ought to pray: “keep me back from presumptive sins.” [Ps 19:13] 

  There are two life principles here: (1) Don’t presume you understand God’s ways in light of what others are facing. [Deut 29:29] (2) Trust God even in hard times.

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