“True Trust & True Wisdom.”

Job 10 to 13  Job says I know I am not wicked! But, I do know, my words are full of bitterness.  The “know-it-all” Zophar is not so sure about Job’s assessment. First, he denigrates Job by saying; if you are so wise, you must know that behind this circumstance, and your bitter words that […]

“I’ll Run the Risk”

What does God think about presumption? Scripture: Numbers 15 – 17  There is a story told about a young man who inherited an estate from an uncle. He was exhorted to seek Christ and said, I will do as soon as I pay off the debts of the estate. “Young man,” said the pastor, “beware: you […]

Strange Fire Consequences

Leviticus 10   Do you excuse your or other’s sin? How does God feel about that when you do?  The evidence is pretty clear. King Saul was told to wait for Samuel but did not. Cain knew the right sacrifice was a lamb but presumed a gift of vegetables was ok. Ananias and Sapphira presumed a […]