God is our Provider

1Kings 17-19 Jehovah Jireh Like many, people grumble when their comfort zone has been disrupted— even about God.  We live in an instant gratification society and we want the problem fixed.  Enter the prophet Elijah to remind us that God doesn’t work on our timetable because He is the God of creativity and nothing is […]

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Genesis 22 to 24 When you face a test of your faith and find yourself wavering, return to the story of Abraham. God in His providence tested Abraham’s faith over and over, yet he failed—how like us! Finally, God gave Abraham the hardest test ever; go and sacrifice your only son as a burnt offering […]

Jehovah Jireh Our Provider

1Kings 17-19 Today people are beginning to grumble because their comfort zone has been disrupted. They have lost their trust in government officials, others, and even the God of the Bible. They just want the problem fixed which is precisely what the wicked King Ahab wanted too.  Yet God is God, and He will not […]