God is our Provider

God provides

1Kings 17-19 Jehovah Jireh

Like many, people grumble when their comfort zone has been disrupted— even about God.  We live in an instant gratification society and we want the problem fixed.  Enter the prophet Elijah to remind us that God doesn’t work on our timetable because He is the God of creativity and nothing is too hard for God, for He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider.

God’s ways are not our ways. [Is. 55:9]  Who would ever have thought that God would/could use ravens who are scavengers, not providers to bring Elijah food day after day while he waits on God’s next assignment!  Then God uses a desperate Gentile widow outside Israel to provide a meal when the cupboard was bare!  To add to that, her son dies while Elijah is living with them!  At this point, Elijah may have returned to his depression, but instead, he goes to God in prayer, and God revives the child.  In the meantime, back in Israel, Obadiah has been busy snatching food from King Ahab’s kitchen for 100 prophets he has hidden, yet Elijah doesn’t know any of this.  Sometimes God works in front of us and sometimes behind the scenes.  Lastly, when Elijah was weary, He provided a replacement in Elisha!  In all of that, He teaches Elijah, and us, that no problem is too hard for Him.

If God can use unclean ravens, a Gentile widow, an Obadiah, or an Elisha, will He not provide for our every need?  Do we trust Him to take care of our essentials this day?

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