Halloween or Reformation Day…Which do you celebrate?

To many today is just Halloween. However, in 1517 Martin Luther changed life and religious understanding forever in the church. Luther objected to the sale of indulgences which offered pardon for sins. He came to this conclusion after spending hours studying and praying the Word of God. He came to realize that pardon for sins […]

1John 4 “Walking in a Maze”

This chapter has two definite sections: vs 1-6 warnings about those who are false and vs 7-21 living out the faith in love. We must remember that John was called the “son of thunder” by Jesus for a reason. He was headstrong, impulsive and quick to make judgments. He learned from the Savior how to […]

On the Holy Spirit’s Scrub Board

Today I have been feeling the effects of the old woman’s scrub board only this time it is the Holy Spirit who has been pushing and tugging at my heart and he has revealed where I have spots and wrinkles. In finishing up the book of 2Corinthians, Paul reminds that believer that as they had […]

Sacred Moments

Yesterday I had one of those sacred moments. It was not in a time alone in my closet, but I had prepared my heart so when the time came for me to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit I was ready. It was an awesome experience, one I will treasure as a lesson in […]

What is the Most Critical Problem….

What is the most critical problem that Christ followers must face head on? It is spiritual adultery which is being disloyal or unfaithful to our Beloved Savior. Paul remarked to the Corinthians in chapter 11 that his biggest fear was, like Eve, they would be “led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ.”  […]

What is My Quiver Lacking?

Lately, I have been challenged by some of my reading to pray through the scriptures each day as I prepare my heart. It has been more than fulfilling and alarming. As the Holy Spirit speaks he strips away my facade and I find areas that need to be cleansed and corrected. Today I was touched […]