On the Holy Spirit’s Scrub Board

2cor 13 scrubboard2Today I have been feeling the effects of the old woman’s scrub board only this time it is the Holy Spirit who has been pushing and tugging at my heart and he has revealed where I have spots and wrinkles. In finishing up the book of 2Corinthians, Paul reminds that believer that as they had been examining him they might want to do their own self-examination.

Self-examination purges the heart and the motives of the heart from what is displeasing to the Lord. But thankfully God does not expect us to do this alone but to allow the heavenly scrubber, the Illuminating Holy Spirit who dwells within us, to put us on his scrub board. Here he will push and tug on our hearts. Some parts are in need of less cleansing and others need more work.  Why does he work so hard at this task? The Holy Spirit knows this truth: “the heart is more deceitful than all else.”   His one objective is to prepare us to enter the holy throne room of God sin free.

Today you may feel like me. You are feeling the effects of the Holy Spirit scrubbing you on his scrub board. It may hurt at first but once he is finished you will come forth without spot or wrinkle. I can attest to the pain, but it has been worth it.

Will you allow the Holy Spirit to use his scrub board to do some introspection of your inner self in behavior and motivation?

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