Sacred Moments

2cor 12 sacred momentsYesterday I had one of those sacred moments. It was not in a time alone in my closet, but I had prepared my heart so when the time came for me to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit I was ready. It was an awesome experience, one I will treasure as a lesson in heart preparation for the unexpected. Have you had one of those “aha moments” when you realize that it is not your inner voice speaking but the true Holy Spirit? In some ways, it sends chills up our spine and it should for this is the God of the universe through the Holy Spirit speaking!

These become our sacred moments; moments in which God  has  chosen  to  converse  with  the  one  he  loves. Sacred moments happen when we are so in tune with the Holy Spirit that we are overwhelmed with His love, His tenderness, His breath, His whispers. It  is  in  these  times  that  the  Holy  Spirit  quietly  speaks  to  our  heart  so we hear him  whisper to us: “This  is  the  correct  way,  walk  in  it…” [Isaiah 30:21]

As Paul was writing to the Corinthians he shared that he experienced  a time so sacred that he wrote I “heard  things  too  sacred  to  be  put  into  words,  things  that  a  person  is  not  permitted  to  speak.” [2Corinthians 12]  That is why Paul understood when the Holy Spirit said: “my grace is sufficient for you.”  Have you experienced a time like this?

We can have those sacred moments when the  Holy  Spirit  speaks  to  us  in  our  walk  with  Him.  He  speaks  to  us  regarding  sin  and  the  need  to  seek  forgiveness;   about  righteousness affirming  our  standing  before  God.   Other times He speaks  and  directs  our  steps  lest  we  stumble. However He speaks we know that “he  will  prove  the  world  wrong  concerning  sin  and  righteousness  and  judgment  –concerning  sin,  because  they  do  not  believe  in  me;  concerning  righteousness.”

Take time to step apart from the hurry of your day; listen for the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit.

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