Be Still to hear God’s Voice

Numbers 7 Over two thousand times in the scriptures, we find the words “listen” and “hear.” A hymn writer Emily Crawford captured those truths as she wrote: “Speak, Lord in the stillness while I wait on Thee;” Moses and Samuel are examples of men who heeded that counsel. God clearly marked Moses as his chosen […]

The heavens and creation are God’s voice

Psalm 19-20 “God in all of His Glory!” In reflecting on this psalm, Dr. Henry Morris wrote: “The 19th psalm is one of the most magnificent writings in the Bible and indeed in all literature.” As we stop, ponder, and then meditate on the beauty of the world around us, we are without words to […]

Sacred Moments

Yesterday I had one of those sacred moments. It was not in a time alone in my closet, but I had prepared my heart so when the time came for me to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit I was ready. It was an awesome experience, one I will treasure as a lesson in […]

The Question is this…

Let me ask you; Do you know God? Let me tell you about my God because He can be your God too! He is “great and certainly worthy of praise,” He is the defender of both the rich and the poor, the weak and the strong, the young and the old. You may have heard […]

Divine Protection

God’s chosen and redeemed people have this promise found in Psalm 34:7 “The Lord’s angel camps around the Lord’s loyal followers and delivers them.” As NT believers we have the indwelling Holy Spirit that will encamp around us as if we had a hedge about us. Even Satan said to God about Job “Have you […]


From chapter one in Luke we have come across the question that was being asked about Jesus by the religious leaders, the political leaders, and the followers of Jesus. All were asking “who is he?” The psalmist in Psalm 7 had no problem with this question whether in times when he was at peace within […]