The A, B, C’s

Psalm 119: Many of us have scores of Bibles at our fingertips, bookstores galore, and many different websites that offering different versions of the Bible. But, the early Israelites learned through oral recitation using the memory aid tool: “abecedaries,” just like children today learn their A-B-C’s in a sing-song fashion. All 176 verses of this […]

The Game of Chess & the New King

1Kings 1-2, Ps 37, 71, 94 “Usurpers Beware” The game of chess is like the story before us today. In chess, the first player with a white piece starts, alternating between white and black, and continues until only one piece is the winner.  Adonijah, thinking of himself as heir apparent, saw his opportunity to declare […]

God knows you, Do you know Him?

“The God of Psalm 139 knows you. Do you know Him?” From sunrise to sunset or when time began and is evermore before us, the psalmist reminds us through visual imagery that we serve an omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient God! Throughout scripture, different authors portray God as an eternal being aware of our being. Hagar […]

Decency and Order

1Chron 23 to 25: David made sure that he organized the Temple duties so that the services would run smoothly. He wanted his son to understand how explicit God is about decency and order. Do we do the same for Christ’s church? Paul wrote: “And do everything in a decent and orderly manner.” [1Cor 14:40] There is an old adage that […]

Ps 108 “Beginning and Ending with God!” How do you begin your day, with or without a time alone with God? How do you end your day? King David was both a morning person and also a night owl. Although busy with kingdom issues, David found time alone with God in reading and prayer. God […]