Meet With God

Ps 108 “Beginning and Ending with God!”

How do you begin your day, with or without a time alone with God? How do you end your day? King David was both a morning person and also a night owl. Although busy with kingdom issues, David found time alone with God in reading and prayer. God was his priority no matter the kingdom or family issues before him.

 David honored God by offering thanks to God before others.  When we begin our time alone with God, can we say we are ready to hear from him, or are our minds so saturated with the busyness before us that we find it hard to focus? Are we able to rejoice in this truth from the lips of those we meet: they will realize this is your work and that you, Lord, have accomplished it.

Here’s a suggestion from a longtime favorite hymn of old:

  • When morning gilds the skies my heart awakening cries;
  • May Jesus Christ be praised!
  • Alike at work and prayer; to Jesus, I repair
  • May Jesus Christ be praised.

Like David, do we “repair” or turn to God for His answer to our dilemmas? It is in the quiet we can hear God’s voice. As you ponder who God is and think ahead, why not make a date with God for your time alone with him in the wee hours of the morning or the late-night hours of day’s end?

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