Seeking God first…

Seek God first

1 Chronicles 21-22; 2 Samuel 24; Psalm 30

It is hard to understand these chapters without the Holy Spirit to intervene to enlighten us and sometimes He uses seasoned preachers/scholars to help us beyond that. Perhaps you are like this author. You too have a lot of trouble because we can’t see the forest for the trees. Why does David want to count the army forces?  Why does he ignore the words of Joab? Why, why, why?? Questions abound but we find it refreshing to read these words of David: David said to God, “I have sinned greatly by doing this! Now, please remove the guilt of your servant, for I have acted very foolishly.[1Chron 21:7]

Why does it take the death of many for David to realize his error? Why does it take the problems we face as a wake-up call for us to bow the knee to God and ask for His forgiveness? It is because we are stubborn people.

Yes, we act foolishly when we seek to do something that we want more than what God wants. God wants Israel to trust Him in all situations but David’s thoughts are for self not God and it is only after many die that he comes to his senses. Impulsivity is the bane of many of our sins. We act impulsively and we fail to ask God to enter into our decision-making. Bob Deffinbaugh, in his sermon on this chapter, helps us to see that we are not alone in trying to put the pieces together of this very hard set of chapters. He too struggled like you and me.

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