There are many TV shows that trace a fledgling law firm which seeks to help those who are less fortunate navigate the judicial system. Some come out with what seems perfect justice but sometimes the evidence seems rather sketchy and even a stretch. Only God knows the truth and only an individual who will stand […]

Facts or Feeling?

Psalm 13  Into thy hands I commit my spirit we somberly say but do we really mean it? What does it mean? David has been in some sort of conflict but in the quiet, he pens the words of his heart to the Everlasting God. Four times he asks God “how long?” It is as […]

Spending Time with God

Psalm 9 -12 I don’t know about you but life seems to be at warp speed these days. The internet keeps us focused for a fraction of time and authors come and go with lightning speed. We name a name and others look at us with eyes glazed over and ask “Who? Who? Who?” When […]

From Job to the Psalmist

I never saw the connection. Psalms follows Job, why not before? In Job, we wandered for months while he suffered on the sidelines knowing full well the onslaught Satan was given permission to do. He was ruthless and we should expect the same. Job sought counsel from God and with God, but in the end […]

Seek God while He may be found…

Job 35-37 We have been following Job and his friends as they respond to his suffering. The young Elihu continues to wax eloquently and finally near the end he poses a question that has been asked for centuries: whom or what do you seek when you are in distress. The world seeks to find help in […]

1Tim 4:12 Reminds us…

“Let no one look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in your speech, conduct, love, faithfulness, and purity.”  Today many of our young people are getting a bad rap. There are many who are wise, intelligent and love the Lord…just as Elihu did. So let’s listen in on his words and see why God never said a word against him…but I […]

God Doesn’t Need to Speak if…

Did you ever stop to think that as long as you are speaking, God doesn’t need to? It is the same way in human conversations. If we are talking the other person has to be silent unless they interrupt. That is what we call a “no-no.” As we blather on about this and that, the […]

God was right after all….

Job 25-27 Chapter 25 is a very short summary of what Bildad has discerned and it is this: he has no personal relationship with the God Job believes in. He uses the word “might” to show us his uncertainty in all of life both present and future. There is nothing to base life on if […]

Is it true that there is no hope???

Job and his three “comforters” have been dialoguing back and forth on the points of wickedness and righteousness. The three, Bildad, Eliphaz and Zophar are sure Job is in the camp of the wicked. As their words show they believe the contrast to Romans 8:1! Listen in to the dialog between Job and Eliphaz In […]

Seeing Beyond

Facing Death in the face is hard for the person facing it and the person beholding it. No matter what, it is harder than hard. We do not want to lose our loved ones or our most precious friends but the author of Hebrews reminds us, death is certain. In those difficult moments, we want […]