Spending Time with God

Psalm 9 -12 I don’t know about you but life seems to be at warp speed these days. The internet keeps us focused for a fraction of time and authors come and go with lightning speed. We name a name and others look at us with eyes glazed over and ask “Who? Who? Who?” When that happens, come apart and sit with the psalmist. Let his words speak to you, not like the storm-tossed sea, but as a gently rolling wave bringing new truths with each wave. Let the beacon of His lighthouse sweep across you and reveal His love.

psalm 9to 12a

We don’t know where or when the psalmist wrote these words of scripture but as we slowly ponder them we come away knowing that the God we have chosen to serve and worship knows each of us. He knows us because we are crafted in his image. He knows those who will bow the knee and serve him as and he also knows those who will rebel at each argument and command. Yet, in His mercy and for His name’s sake he has chosen to allow the righteous and the wicked to live side by side much like the parable of the tares and wheat.

Today as you live and move in this world be refreshed:  God provides safety for the oppressed. God does not abandon those who reach out for help. God hears our cries for mercy. God rules forever. God’s words are absolutely reliable, untainted as silver that has been refined and purified in the furnace.




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