God Doesn’t Need to Speak if…

Did you ever stop to think that as long as you are speaking, God doesn’t need to? It is the same way in human conversations. If we are talking the other person has to be silent unless they interrupt. That is what we call a “no-no.” As we blather on about this and that, the other person’s eyes glaze over and inside they are wondering when we will just be quiet and listen to them! It is the same way with God but Job hasn’t learned that yet. So let’s drop in on Job’s most recent conversation which takes up four full chapters! (Job 28-31–I encourage you to stop here and read them.) Here’s the principle you want to glean ahead of your reading. Look and listen for that!

job 31 voice2a

Job:  wisdom is not something you can purchase or find by digging beneath the earth. You can search for it but it is only found when you submit to God in fearful reverence. If you want to have understanding, shun and turn away from evil. Pretty simple thoughts yet people today as then reject that simplicity in favor of digging, buying, storing up in hopes of understanding the answer to Pilate’s question; “what is truth?”

Finally, Job speaks with words of self-vindication; I have done all I can to be found as a man of integrity. Thus I rest my case before the Lord God Almighty.

As Ray Stedman points out; our self-vindication explains the silence of God. As long as we continue to justify ourselves God does not need to answer. He is waiting for us to ‘be ye still and know that I am God.’ So now as Ch. 31 comes to a close God is ready to enter the scene …ahbut not yet. There is yet another character that will enter this group of men to add his “2 cents.” Tomorrow we will listen in on his thoughts to see if he has any more to say that will unearth the why answer. Until then, may we be quiet before Him so we can hear His still small voice.

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