1Tim 4:12 Reminds us…

“Let no one look down on you because you are youngbut set an example for the believers in your speechconductlovefaithfulnessand purity.”  Today many of our young people are getting a bad rap. There are many who are wise, intelligent and love the Lord…just as Elihu did. So let’s listen in on his words and see why God never said a word against him…but I digress…

Job 32-34  We have been waiting to hear another voice to answer Job’s questions and to respond to Job’s self-imposed innocence and God does not disappoint. Enter in young Elihu who respectfully refers to the others as elderly. Elihu in many ways is like the anxious young people who want to take the world by storm and solve all the problems. There were others like he: David, Shadrach, Daniel; voices God used in their youth. But also there is a reminder from Solomon we need to heed: “let your words be few because God is in heaven and he hears all you say.” Elihu seems to have missed that point—or has he?

He is at the “boiling point!” with righteous indignation. He wisely notes that it isn’t the number of years that bring wisdom; it is the spirit and the inspiration of the Almighty.  Elihu is right. Paul agrees: “let no one despise your youth, ” We should take care to listen to the voice of the young if for nothing else; they are living life in the here and now! They see life differently.

So why was he angry and boiling over? He was angry because Job justified himself rather than God. Elihu is passionate about God’s glory. Oh that we might have young people so on fire for God that they are willing to stand up and be counted.

job 32 youth2a

Take time today to listen to the young. Encourage rather than discourage those who are ‘on fire’ for God. Remember this: The youth of today will be our leaders tomorrow.


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