God is our Vindicator

Psalm 17; Psalm 35; Psalm 54; Psalm 63 The Deadly D’s  Have you ever felt like you are “on the run” from the deadly d’s; that is, dismay, discouragement, disappointment? David is “on the run,” from his father-in-law, King Saul. We can relate when facing challenges in our own families when we disagree (yes, another […]

Blessings, Blameshifting, and Consequences

Gen 4-7 Three curses are mentioned in these chapters. First, the serpent would be cursed to crawl on its belly and eat the dust of the earth because it deceived Eve in the Garden. Secondly, the ground would be cursed because Adam and Eve blamed the serpent for their disobedience rather than confessing their sin […]

From Job to the Psalmist

I never saw the connection. Psalms follows Job, why not before? In Job, we wandered for months while he suffered on the sidelines knowing full well the onslaught Satan was given permission to do. He was ruthless and we should expect the same. Job sought counsel from God and with God, but in the end […]