You are the Body of Christ…

1 Cor 5 to 8 Life Lessons for the Church and Believers who make up the Body Even though the Corinthian church had many sins that needed correcting, Paul could stop and say, you are unleavened–meaning they were believers. He said you are washed, you are sanctified, and you are justified. If we just stopped […]

The Simplicity of the Gospel

Acts 15 and 16 Is Circumcision required for salvation? The Jews, specifically the believing Pharisees, contended that for the Gentiles to be saved, they needed to be circumcised. Not so said Peter with his testimony about the salvation of Cornelius and his household. Paul agreed with him and expounded on it and will later write […]

God’s Plans

Acts 13 and 14 God uses Paul and Barnabas Paul is the preacher and Barnabas is the encourager. We should be so blessed to have this combination in our walk with the Lord. Who is your encourager? In Acts 7 we read that the Jews were angry hearing Stephen’s words and they stoned him and […]

The Power of the Holy Spirit!

Acts 9 The Conversion of Saul As we read this story, we are drawn back to Jn 16:2 and the words of Jesus “They will put you out of the synagogue,…the one who kills you will think “they are” offering service to God.” Before this, the religious leaders did not think twice and plotted to […]

Acts 7 “The Door of Opportunity”

As a history teacher and anointed with the Holy Spirit, Stephen relayed to the High Priest and the religious council the account of Israel. He reminded them that their ancestors hardened their hearts, and now they are in danger of doing the same thing! Stephen’s life is an example of what Jesus said would be […]