People of the Cross

This image has gone viral across the internet. The words of ISIS reverberate across our consciousness and the question arise: Are we really the people of the Cross? It is then that I recall the words of Joseph: “Gen 50:20 As for you, you meant to harm me, but God intended it for a good […]

Give God Glory

Luke wants us to follow his train of thought as he seeks to remind his reader of these principles: “The chief end of man is glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Herod was an example that lived by neither and in fact sought his own glory.  Luke teaches us through the illustration of Paul and […]

The Depraved Heart

In  Acts 12, Luke wants us to notice not only just the death of James and the deliverance of Peter but rather how longsuffering God is and how depraved men are and he accomplishes this  by showing us the heart of Herod. Just as creation reveals God in all of his glory so the heart […]

Psalm 19-20 “God in all of His Glory!”

Dr. Henry Morris in reflecting on this psalm wrote: “The 19th psalm is one of the most magnificent writings in the Bible and indeed in all literature. Charles Spurgeon also in reflecting wrote: “Any book without its first page would be sadly imperfect, and especially the great Natural Bible, since its first pages, the sun, […]