If Jesus Could Forgive, Why Can’t You and I?

2Cor 2 “Will you Forgive?” Forgiveness seems to be one of the hardest steps we are called to take. Why is that? Is it pride? Is it because we want the offender to feel the pain we are feeling? We often reject taking this step and in fact we feed on the reasons why we […]

McNuggets or God-Nuggets?

A favorite fast food restaurant serves “McNuggets” as tidbits of chicken morsels that children really enjoy. The book of Proverbs serves up “God–nuggets” of wisdom for us to feed on each day. Chapter 22 gives us wisdom regarding one’s reputation, one’s wise counsel regarding the raising of children; wise counsel regarding how one is to […]

God’s Flash Drive

Ps 105 “God’s Flash Drive” One of the ways in today’s world that we can save and retrieve data to be used later is a flash drive for our computer.  You can have it easily retrievable or encrypt it. God’s Word is like a flash drive that you can insert into your computer, retrieve the […]

Choosing to Serve…

When someone shares their heart you either ignore it or dig deeper or just pray. Paul takes a moment here to share his heart and his love for the Corinthians. Paul stopped to say that they were the evidence of his work and in fact he said when I stand before the Lord you, Beloved […]

I Say There; Being a Bit of Snoot Today?

Preacher religion is alive and well in the world. We could name names of those men and women who others follow and proclaim they are “the best;” Just like in Corinth they say with their best snooty voice: “I belong to Paul and you don’t. ” Snootiness was alive and well in Corinth and it […]

 “Witnessing in the Spirit–Part One”

Do your palms begin to sweat, your mind runs amuck when you are faced with “witnessing?” Many find that even though their love for the Master is great, their boldness before others is weak. Fear not, you are not alone! Listen to what Paul says: “I did not come with superior eloquence or wisdom as […]

“You Are Called! You are Significant”

Some days we feel rather insignificant in our walk with Jesus. On days like that we need to take a moment and walk through 1Corinthians 1 to see who we are in God’s eyes. Paul begins by saying he is “called to be an apostle.” The word call in Greek means invited, thus Paul was […]

Romans 14 “Scarred Hearts”

We have heard it said over and over and over: you are judging and that is wrong. Now to be sure there are times when we are to judge and to judge righteously when we discern error. However, in this chapter Paul over and over and over is trying to get our attention that when […]