Moving and a Quiet Time

1Kings 8 to 10  Recently a friend moved and it was a chore—especially with little children who don’t really understand why they are moving from a familiar place to one that is unfamiliar! Can you relate? In these chapters, King Solomon is moving the Ark from its place in the countryside to the brand new […]

Earthly Stones vs Living Stones

1Kings 5  David had laid the foundation of friendship with Hiram of Tyre and Solomon reaped the reward. Eccl 4:9 “Two people are better than one because they can reap more benefit from their labor” In Exodus, we saw how the people gave willingly to build the Tabernacle. David willingly had accumulated wealth but it […]

The Lord is my shield & protector

2Samuel 22  What do you do when you come to the realization that through all of life’s struggles God has been at your side? When you look back do you take time to journal or sing praises? David took an entire chapter to share his mindset and his praise to God for His loving kindness. He […]


2 Sam 19 “Forgiveness…” Chapter 19 is the completion of a saga that had torn apart the nation and although the nation is not completely healed, David takes the extraordinary step of forgiving those who had slandered, lied, and did many other things. It takes a broken heart to step out of your comfort zone […]

I am Tamar; Hear My Voice!

2 Sam 13 As we read this tragedy we are confronted with the sin of David being replicated in his firstborn son Amnon but more so is the innocence of his daughter Tamar. How many of our daughters have had to face similar circumstances and only hear the silence of those who should stand up […]

How Big is Your Dream?

2Sam 7 What do you do when all of your work is completed? David sat in his newly built palace and reflected. Here I am in this beautiful palace and there is God’s home, a simple tabernacle. He began to envision a mighty house to hold the Ark of God. He began to dream of what […]

Eulogies Are for the Living

2Samuel 1:19-27 David is a man after God’s own heart and he reveals this as he responds in this way about Saul and Jonathan in their death. David used this as a teaching tool for the nation of Israel as to how to eulogize men. No matter how a life is lived; once a man […]

Your Day Has Been Already Ordered By God!

1Sam 30 “Each Step You Take is God-ordained” When we don’t pay attention to God and seek His ways He will often use circumstances to get our attention. David has chosen to not seek God’s protection from Saul and seeks refuge in enemy territory. Therefore, just like us, God will intervene to get his attention. […]

What barrier have you not taken down?

1Sam 25 -28 “Sin is Like a Barrier” King Saul is in a predicament. He started out right but in the end, Saul will fade away into the annals of history as a king who failed because he took his eyes off the Lord. There will be others who do as well and we do […]

The Tragic Consequences of Sin

1Samuel 21-22  Lying ranks right up there in the list of sins as that which God hates. [Prov 6:16] The anointed King David rose to prominence as the Goliath killer, unafraid of his size and character. Yet, as we read this chapter, we find that fear of King Saul drove David to sin to protect […]