Your Day Has Been Already Ordered By God!

1Sam 30 “Each Step You Take is God-ordained”

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When we don’t pay attention to God and seek His ways He will often use circumstances to get our attention. David has chosen to not seek God’s protection from Saul and seeks refuge in enemy territory. Therefore, just like us, God will intervene to get his attention. How like our God! He loves us so much that even in our sin, He will woo us back to him.

David may have deceived Achish, but he hasn’t deceived the rest of the Philistines. They are not so naïve to think that David will follow them into battle against his own people and so they convince Achish to send David home, which he reluctantly does. He finds the city of Ziklag deserted, burned and their families kidnapped! The men quickly say: this is your fault, David!

Read this chapter closely to see God at work. The Philistines turned away David so he would return to Ziklag. The men revealed their hearts when they played the blame game which caused David to seek the face of God. In that time with God, he drew strength and a rescue plan. Next, God placed a wandering Egyptian who could lead them to the Amalekite camp where the kidnappers were drunk and the rescue happened. However, the returning victors revealed their heart as evil and worthless because of their ungratefulness towards those left behind.  David taught them, like Gideon [Judges 8]: they must share a victory’s spoils because all take part from the small to the large.

As you go about your day stop and be grateful; truly your steps are ordered by the Lord;

even.if. you. don’t realize. it!




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