Prov 25-26 Similitudes and Instructions A similitude is a comparison of one thing to another. Solomon’s words in these two chapters are collected into these two categories using the word “like.” Example: “Like apples of gold in settings of silver, so is a word skillfully spoken.” [25:11] Solomon is comparing the beauty of gold and […]

John Speaks …Listen to him

1 Jn 1-2 Lies vs. Truth Having just returned from Ephesus, I see myself walking that street that this dear servant walked so long ago. It is as if I can hear him speaking these words to the saints of old, warning them of the lies of our arch-enemy. He is begging them not to […]

Be Diligent

2 Peter 1-3 As Peter sat in a Roman prison, he began to pen these words to the faithful followers of Jesus Christ. He reminded them that God’s divine power had given them all that would be needed to live a righteous life in this world. However, he also was well aware, just as Paul […]

Parenting 101

Prov 4-7 Parenting Responsibilities Once a parent, always a parent. It begins before birth and ends only when you, the parent, pass on into eternity. [If you are a grandparent reading this, know that the next generation will also recall your counsel as good or evil.] Just as when Solomon wrote these words long ago, […]

Lessons from the Gibeonites

Joshua 9 – 10 Have you ever been duped? To be duped means another has taken advantage of you in some clever way. Take a lesson from Joshua who was deceived or duped by the Gibeonites. One of the lessons Moses sought to impress upon his servant was to always check with God before stepping […]

What voice do you listen to ?

You are in a situation where a decision must be made. What do you do? Some say one thing, some say another, whose voice is right? 2Chron 10 Voices can be misleading or they can lead to the truth. We are bombarded with voices from the tempter, the world, and the flesh. We must be […]

I am Tamar; Hear My Voice!

2 Sam 13 As we read this tragedy we are confronted with the sin of David being replicated in his firstborn son Amnon but more so is the innocence of his daughter Tamar. How many of our daughters have had to face similar circumstances and only hear the silence of those who should stand up […]

Living in the War Zone

Living in the war zone is tough and only the strong prevail for the enemy does not lay down his arms even after a defeat as we saw in the life of our Lord. “so when the devil had completed every temptation, he departed from him until a more opportune time.” [Luke 4] Perhaps this […]

“Be Alert!”

In today’s cyberworld we are cautioned by veteran spies to be ever alert to the scams that come across in emails, texts etc. In the time of Jesus He warned his disciples to “be alert,” be observant, be on guard, be vigilant to their world around them because soon their quiet time where they could […]