Be Diligent

God is faithful,

2 Peter 1-3 As Peter sat in a Roman prison, he began to pen these words to the faithful followers of Jesus Christ. He reminded them that God’s divine power had given them all that would be needed to live a righteous life in this world. However, he also was well aware, just as Paul had noted; grievous wolves would seek entrance into their lives to destroy their faith. Thus, they must be observant and discerning. Satan is crafty, so they must act with all diligence to keep their faith strong. Peter emphasized that not just once but three times! Today we see that manifested in the two blatant lies the wolves offer: you are in the wrong body, and to be free, you must kill the unborn. And like sheep led to the slaughter, he captures the hearts and lives of the unsuspecting. Thus Peter warns: make every effort or be diligent! Peter and Paul both emphasize when the truth is ignored or rejected, God will send on them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false. [2 Thess 2:11]

Prayer for yourself and other believers today: Be diligent or make every effort to add to your faith those character qualities that will keep you close to Him and walking the path of faith.

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