Covenants and Vows

Mark 10 and Matt 19 A covenant is a binding agreement. As God made a covenant with His people, marriage partners covenant together by a vow that this union is for life or until God calls one home. What does that entail? It means what Solomon wrote: “When you make a vow to God, do […]

Perseverance “no matter what.”

Isaiah 6 Has God called you to a task? Do you stop and ask why me? Do you ask what am I to do? Isaiah heard God ask: whom will we send, and Isaiah answered send me. He didn’t stop to ask all of the 5W’s [= who, what, where, when, why, and an H […]

Be Diligent

2 Peter 1-3 As Peter sat in a Roman prison, he began to pen these words to the faithful followers of Jesus Christ. He reminded them that God’s divine power had given them all that would be needed to live a righteous life in this world. However, he also was well aware, just as Paul […]

Building God’s Temple

1Kings 5-7 The Building of the Temple King David had gathered much material, but God told him that he would never build this massive structure because he was a man of war, and in war, blood is shed. Although David was obedient to accomplish this, the shed blood is a reminder of where life begins […]

Only God…

Genesis 40  Wonder what life in Pharaoh’s Palace was like? We need to look no further than this chapter before us. There is intrigue, questions about loyalty and the power of the scepter! Sounds much like the story of Esther where a despot ruled and people fell or rose according to the king’s whim. This […]

In What Do You Delight?

Hosea 6  Hosea reminds the Israelites that God sees their unfaithfulness just like the morning mist which disappears with the sunrise. Their sacrifices lay upon the altars but are not consumed because of their broken relationship.  God is calling them, and us, to delight in Him alone!  He delights in our faithfulness to Him, not […]

Funerals and Eulogies

What words would you want to be said at your funeral? Think about it. Joshua 24:29  We have walked from Egypt to Israel with this great man of God who now is called, like Moses, the “Lord’s servant.” If by some miraculous means you could hear what is said at your funeral what would that be?  […]

Prov 5 “The Price of Unfaithfulness”

Did you ever purchase a bag of apples which look beautiful on the outside but when you open one it is filled with rottenness? Or do you recall Snow White who took a bite of the apple that outwardly was beautiful but inwardly was filled with poison that caused her to fall into the sleeping […]

Satan’s Defeat and Christ’s Promise

In 1903 a Sikh named Sundar Singh struggled to know the truth. After he grew he became bitter and angered at God but on this day, 19 December 1903, he began to pray that God would reveal himself—if he really existed. If not, Sundar planned to throw himself in front of the morning train. For […]