Funerals and Eulogies

What words would you want to be said at your funeral? Think about it.

Joshua 24:29  We have walked from Egypt to Israel with this great man of God who now is called, like Moses, the “Lord’s servant.” If by some miraculous means you could hear what is said at your funeral what would that be?  What would you like God to call you? Joshua had served faithfully under the guidance of Moses and now the title of the Lord’s Servant is bestowed upon him. He was not only faithful but diligent to do all that the Lord had commanded.

Joshua 24a will wilson

Jesus told a parable that illustrates Joshua’s life in Matt 25. A man went on a journey but entrusted his property to his slaves. To one he gave 5 talents, to another 2 and to another 1. The men with 5 and 2 were faithful to reap where the Master had not sown. They heard the Master praise them and commend them; well done, thou good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of the Lord. However, the one to whom 1 talent was given said: I knew you were a hard taskmaster so I hid the talent because I feared you and he handed it back to the Master. The Master said, thou wicked servant.  His talent was taken from him and given to the one who had reaped double.

God has blessed you richly with His talents to be used for His work. Joshua reaped his talents beyond what he could have imagined! He obeyed and received the blessing.

Beloved, May you obey so that you will hear the words bestowed upon Joshua: the Lord’s servant.


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