Trust God Alone

When faced with a quandary what do you do? Another question is this: 

If you receive wise counsel do you alter it or change and if so why? 

psalm 105 4 trust in God2a

Judges 1 to 4 When you are in a quandary what do you do? The wise Judahites went to the source of wisdom, God himself. They went in a mode of prayer seeking Him and His decision on how to conquer the enemies of Israel. The Lord responded: Judah shall lead. Nowhere did God say to take Simeon with them. Thus we are left to wonder why they chose to add to God’s direction. How often do we hear the word of the Lord but then add to what He has said? Could that be a reason for our untold failures in life?

In chapter 4 the prophetess Deborah summoned Barak and told him that the God of Israel was commanding him to march to Mount  Tabor. There God would bring General Sisera to him and hand him over to him. However, Barak foolishly said to Deborah: I will only go if you go with me. Deborah told Barak, I will go, but the victory will not be yours. I will give glory to a woman.

Both the Judahites and Barak lost the glory of victory because the leaders did not believe that God’s grace was sufficient.

 “Some trust in chariots and others in horses,

but we depend on the Lord our God.” [Psa 20:7 ]

Is this true of you when you are faced with what to do?

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