God’s Rule Book

God's Rule Book

Exodus 21-24 Do you like rules, or do you balk at them? Why do we need them? Can’t we decide for ourselves what will work? God knew that men needed rules to bring order out of chaos and peace to a functioning society. But, unfortunately, since time began, man has balked at rules, and today we are seeing the pervasive result as our crime statistics are rising.

Then God invites the elders and Moses to a dinner party on the mountain. They see His presence and bask in His glory. After, Moses gives an order to them to wait for him as he goes to speak with God and takes Joshua with him as his assistant. Will they pass the test as the days pass on one after another?

These chapters offer us a glimpse into our mindset and our behavior. We are given tests to assess our willingness to abide by God’s plan. We are given rules to help us organize our lives and a test of waiting to see if we will be faithful. 

Where are we failing? Where are we passing? Each day is a new day to examine ourselves in both areas.

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