Sharing and Serving

Exodus 25-27 God gives Moses the plan for building the Tabernacle. God owns it all, but He wants the people to share in the building. He wanted the people to give willingly, not because they had to but because they wanted to.

God gives me that same opportunity, and with it comes pride; not pride of self but pride in sharing in the building. When we are just given an enormous or precious gift, we often do not appreciate it. So our wise God knows that when the people share in the building, they will take ownership of it and be blessed. He doesn’t order the amount we are to give but only what our heart tells us.

Where has God given me a project and provided all the materials but asks me to participate by sharing out of my abundance?

Paul told the Corinthians that God is not a God of confusion but order, and these chapters prove that statement. [1Cor 14:33]The practical is proven wise.

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  • I agree and thank you for sharing such profound and provoking thoughts. The words you wrote, were right on time,… ‚Äč”God is Not a God of confusion but order.”
    [1Cor 14:33] The practical is proven wise.

    Certainly, we are constantly being presented with various opportunies to engage in task and accept indivdual projects. I remind myself and others to keep in mind as these opportunities arrive, they’ll be different types of task or projects and range in all sizes. At first glance, a task might appear as somewhat insignificant, simple, small, or meaningless. While others more recognisable and obvious.

    SonShine, you mentioned something important we tend to forget. That is, “God has already equipped and provided all the materials to us.” Beautuful, how He knows each of us so very well!

    It’s true, “we can participating, help and share out of our own personal abundance.” I share with others, that we all have personal abilities and unique strengths. From my own experience, I can honestly express “regardless of any disability, we CAN do Some-Thing and contribute towards making a positive difference.”

    Yes, indeed it’s true, we do well to accept and follow through with a task or project. It’s important to make sure we are doing any task or project with an “unobligated tone of heart.”
    Having an “unobligated tone of heart” equates to freely, knowingly, and with an honest, loving, and joyful heart for Christ, we accept whatever is in front of us. This includes any task or project.
    An “unobligated tone of heart,” surely represent the attributes of Jesus Christ. Those which He openly shared, and desired that we patiently possess and continually express.
    Having an “unobligated tone of heart,” not only express Christ Love through you, but also your ability to express your love towards Christ.

    Lastly, when presenting your personal abundance of abilities, skills, etc; applying them towards every task or project; doing so with an “unobligated tone of heart,” this sends a message to God which gets locked into His memory. They become the keys to unlock future rewards towards you, from God.

    Thank you for all You & Your Team do to make such words possible and to reach out to touch others and to glorify God in the process.
    – Survivor29 : )

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