Honor Your Parents

Exodus 20-21 The family unit was the key to the prosperity and longevity of the Israelites. They went to Egypt as 60 persons and left with a company of 600,000. They have been prolific. Three times God specifically mentions parents in his declaration to the Israelites. First, they were to honor their father and mother so that they may live a long time in the land the Lord your God is giving to them. [Ex 20:12] God reminds them that the penalty for striking a father or a mother is death. [Ex 21:15] And again, God reminds them of the penalty for disgracing their father or mother. [Ex 21:17]

Imagine our country, our families, and our churches if we followed those three rules. We would be blessed, and the next generation would be blessed as well. Our parents honored us as children, and now it is time to honor them. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Take a moment and consider how you might honor your parents, and if yours, like mine, are deceased, honor their memory. Share stories and tidbits about your parents with your children and others. This way, you will add to your years in this land and their posterity to the remaining children.

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