Complaining Grieves the Heart

Count blessings

Exodus 16-18 The Israelites have been walking toward a mountain, but right now, they can only think of one thing: they are hungry, and there is only one person to blame: Moses. Paul told the Ephesians that God had blessed them with every spiritual blessing, but if Paul had been there and said that to them, they would do just as these Israelites: complain. Unfortunately, we are just like that more often than not.

How quickly we forget the blessings that God has provided. How quickly we only think of what satisfies us right now. We, like them, only want our physical needs met, and it has to be NOW! It is easy to complain when life is not what we think it should be. It is easy to complain and blame others when life is hard. It is easy it is to complain when our wishes are not met at the moment.

Complaining grieves the heart of God, the people around us, and the leaders He has put over us. Instead, stop and count your blessings, name them one by one, and see what God has done.

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