In What Do You Delight?

hosea 6 fleeting sunrise.2ajpg

Hosea 6  Hosea reminds the Israelites that God sees their unfaithfulness just like the morning mist which disappears with the sunrise. Their sacrifices lay upon the altars but are not consumed because of their broken relationship.  God is calling them, and us, to delight in Him alone!  He delights in our faithfulness to Him, not sacrifices or burnt offerings. He delights in our acknowledgment of Him.

This week we heard a young Swede say: God is archaic! God’s words do not bring hope!  You should feel fear each and every day!  Yet, we who know the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob know this truth: God is the God of peace and contentment. His words bring us hope “and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts..” [Rom 5] Hebrews reminds us that because God is omniscient we should be careful not to “be carried away by all sorts of strange teachings.” Instead, cling to this truth: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” [Heb 13] because  even if “Heaven and earth passes away, His words will never pass away.” [Mark 13 author paraphrase]

Beloved, where are you not delighting in God? Where have you fallen for the mantra of the idols of wood, stone, and that which perishes?  God says “return to me, and I will return to you.” [Mal 3]


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