Building God’s Temple

Go and Build the Temple

1Kings 5-7 The Building of the Temple

King David had gathered much material, but God told him that he would never build this massive structure because he was a man of war, and in war, blood is shed. Although David was obedient to accomplish this, the shed blood is a reminder of where life begins and ends, and it is a grief to God. And thus, God chose Solomon, whom he loved from his conception onward, to build His house. So for seven long years, Solomon conscripted workers and gathered materials for the construction. In the middle of this undertaking, God came to remind Solomon of His promise: He will always be faithful even if we are not! [2Tim. 2:13]

God has blessed you and me beyond what we can understand. We, you and I, are not to forget that privilege given to us. God has called us to accomplish the building of a temple of people that will honor Him, and we do that by discipleship. Where am I being obedient to that command: go and make disciples and teach them to observe all I have commanded.

Who is in the temple of God that we have touched? He has given us the materials. Are we using them for His glory?

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