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1Kings 1-4 A New King!

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Daniel wrote that God removes kings and establishes kings. We see that principle as we begin the book of 1Kings and as the reign of King David is drawing to a close. David’s eldest fourth son, Adonijah, took advantage of his father’s ill health to install himself as king. However, according to the Chronicler of Israel, God had selected Solomon even before he was born. [1Chron 22:9-10] David’s delay nearly cost Israel the rightful heir, and it took a crisis for Bathsheba and Nathan to remind David of his promise to elevate Solomon to the throne.

How do you prepare to leave this lowly earth to join the chorus in heaven? Have you considered what you need to do? Some of us delay, and some even perhaps do not realize the enormity of what we should to prepare others for our departure. We don’t know why David delayed this important decision but often a parent’s love blinds us to their child’s sin. He loved his eldest son but not enough to correct his errant ways. And so, by God’s providence, and through the prophet Nathan, David learns of his deception and sets the wheels in motion for Solomon’s coronation. 

We can learn much from this scenario. We must be discerning regarding our errant children. Tough love is often better than being a “yes parent.” Because David did not discipline Adonijah, he would have been a disastrous king, and even though David knew it, he lagged in carrying out his promise to Bathsheba.

Do you have a will and last testament? If not, learn from this story what you should do now!

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