Only God…

Gen 40 dreamsaGenesis 40  Wonder what life in Pharaoh’s Palace was like? We need to look no further than this chapter before us. There is intrigue, questions about loyalty and the power of the scepter! Sounds much like the story of Esther where a despot ruled and people fell or rose according to the king’s whim. This was not nirvana but real life. There were suffering and tempers that must be soothed. While the cupbearer and the baker walked the palace halls, Joseph walked the prison floors. All three would become entwined just because of unexplainable dreams and God’s intervention.  Two officials ended up in a dungeon where they met Joseph their newly appointed attendant. Even palace prisoners have a hierarchy it seems.

Committed to this prison for a crime he did not commit, Joseph weathered this trial with dignity, honor, and integrity. What are the possibilities that three men and three dreams would bring glory to the power of the Lord God Almighty? Only by God’s sovereign will! Joseph interprets the prisoner’s dreams which come true in a mere three days. He pleads with the cupbearer to remember him when he stood before Pharaoh but like us many times, the cupbearer forgot. The calendar pages turned and Joseph’s routine did not change—until that fateful day. Two years later when Pharaoh had unexplainable dreams the negligent cupbearer hung his head in shame and God’s plan was put into place. Joseph was not only released but became second to Pharaoh!

The life of Joseph teaches us how to take one day at a time and not lose hope. Are you losing hope because there seems to be no end to this saga you are facing? Are you prepared to remain faithful as Joseph did?



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